Friday, June 04, 2010

Yamaha Legenda 115Z/ZR

It was no surprise when Yamaha launched their new weapon - Lagenda 115 Z / ZR.

This machine is a new bread by Yamaha. Design is very nice. Still carrying the Lagenda signature but in a more modern way. The all new 115 engine has a long stoke of  57.9mm. This can be translated to a bigger torque and a better traffic light beater.

Price is the only problem. The ZR series almost reaching 5.3k. So, to the budget concern, they will choose some other brand but to Yamaha loyal fans, I think this is a golden opportunity for a little upgrade to the existing 110cc Lagenda.

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szils fnd said...

Are they any performance spare parts available for this bike?i really need more power for this new breed.