Thursday, September 29, 2011

War of the brand!

All manufacturers are fighting for popularity. Everybody knows one is better than the other. Who is actually winning? It is not easy to determine. Every manufacturer has their own strategy.

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Modenas. They are all main player in the industry in Malaysia. Kawasaki is not included because it has not been much good with small bikes. They tried some years ago, but did not get far.

From all these players, Yamaha seems to be able to influence more buyers especially from the younger generation. They have manage to conquer a bigger portion of the market. Why have they been that successful? Personally, I say, sentiment!

Honda is also doing quite well but it's market is mainly to the older generation whom has been praising Honda quality and durability.

Modenas and Suzuki are not far behind, Modenas is more popular to those with smaller budget while Suzuki has its loyal followers.

But recently, these major player was attacked by newer brands like Demak and SYM. They may be new to the market but they came in with a very interesting facts. They are either cheaper, more recent design and more durable.

But, which ever you choose, you won't be wrong. If you are willing to stay within their performance and ability limit, they will be worth every RM you spent!

Keep on riding............................

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Suzuki ... a come back!

Yamaha is having a good time with it's new 135LC. Even the mighty Honda are not able to show it influence in the traditional Malaysian market.

Suzuki..... well they are introducing the new Shogun named Axelo. It looks like a facelift rather than a new model.

To Suzuki fans, this is a great news. To other out there, this is another option from their list.

With a very competitive price, I think Suzuki will be able to sell a fair numbers of this model.

Two model will be available. The S and the R model price at RM5,208.00 and RM5,388.00. Both are basic unit price (not including insurance and registration).

More details at Suzuki website. Even more details at the suppliers/dealers.

Keep riding everyone..............

Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Speed Manual

The new 135 LC Extreme Spirit come with a 5 speed gear box. Yes, 5 speed.

I am sure it will be a very smooth ride with this new 5 speed gear box. But beware, the price is quite high. But if you want a real performer, I am sure you can squeeze an extra cash fro here and there.

Good luck, try to get one from the supplier!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Yamaha 135LC - new facelifts

There a new facelifts 135LC at the shop. I was told that there is no major upgrade but the carburetor is now CV's (with diaphragm). The 135LC is already a very economical commuter and with they new CV carburetor, it will be even more fuel saving.

The new cover set looks very modern and 'fast'. The tail light is marvelous. Go and have a look now!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

GT 128

New model? No... just an enhancement over the old one... a facelift!

The new colour looks more sporty. The already good bike has become better.

But, I hope there will be technical improvement soon. The 'over' reading speedometer is really an annoying fact. But, overall, GT128 is still a charming little bike!

SELAMT BERMOTOR BARU......he.. he.. he....

Friday, December 31, 2010

CBR 250R

I heard Honda will be launching it's new 250 entry level sport bike. I hope it will be cheap enough to be owned by the average earner.

Knowing Honda for decades, it will not be that simple. They always 15-20% more expensive compared to other locally assemble Japaneses bike.

See the tentative design here!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Racing block for 135 LC (65mm)

I was just searching around on the internet when I found that there is already a 65mm racing block for the Yamaha 135 LC.

With this racing block, you engine capacity will be increased to about 195cc. Wowwww.... that is really big. I am sure there will be a lot of things that will requires fine tuning but if your are the 'power hungry' type, check it out.

More details here!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yamaha EGO 125 LC

Well, Yamaha have done it again. A new model for all scooter lovers. The new EGO 125 LC.

The details is here!

Friday, December 03, 2010

To GT 128 Owner

I like this bike. The design is very nice with disk brakes at the front and rear. 128cc engine is just nice to commute. In general, I assumed it will be durable.

But to my surprise...............

A few days ago, I met a friend whom is using the GT 128. He bought it new. Careful rider, I mean very careful.

He said he had just made a major service. Piston and rings were replaced. I ask what was his mileage? He said a little over 30,000km. Wowww... after 30,000km the piston set already need replacement!

That is not good. Usually for a kapcai, it will be around 70-80,000km. So, I asked why. He said he forgotten to check the engine oil level. When he went for servicing after 4 month, it was almost dry. The combustion chamber was badly scratched.

So, to GT 128 owner, please check you engine oil regularly. It seems that this kapcai is having lost oil problem.

And some few month ago, I also came across a GT 128 being overhauled. Crank shaft jammed and the whole engine get affected. Back then, the bike was only a few month old.

Ehmmm.. I wonder... how's the QC over there at Modenas assembly plant.....................

Friday, June 04, 2010

Yamaha Legenda 115Z/ZR

It was no surprise when Yamaha launched their new weapon - Lagenda 115 Z / ZR.

This machine is a new bread by Yamaha. Design is very nice. Still carrying the Lagenda signature but in a more modern way. The all new 115 engine has a long stoke of  57.9mm. This can be translated to a bigger torque and a better traffic light beater.

Price is the only problem. The ZR series almost reaching 5.3k. So, to the budget concern, they will choose some other brand but to Yamaha loyal fans, I think this is a golden opportunity for a little upgrade to the existing 110cc Lagenda.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FZ vs Belang

I was really surprised!

I was cruising happily some 2 week ago, on the highway on my way to my office when a Belang R and FZ exploded passed me. I decided to follow them just to see how they were doing on the highway.

I thought the Belang was a fast bike. But I was wrong. The FZ was always in front. Never even once, the Belang R able to took over the FZ (for about 10km when the Belang R gave up the chase).

To make it worst, the Belang R was wobbling all over. Fighting with the wind and stuck behind cars and buses. Suspension did not seem to be that suitable for high speed riding while the FZ was blasting the road elegantly.

Well, I am not saying that the Belang is a bad bike, but if I have to choose, I'll choose the FZ150i.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fast Wave 110 RS

I was cruising along the highway this morning when the new Wave 110 RS suddenly took me over. Curious, I followed the bike.

I was at 120km/h but the RS110 seems to be getting further and further. I was at 135km/h once when I tried to get close to it. At a corrected speed, I think the RS110 was speeding easily at around 110km/h. Pretty good for a cute little kapcai.

From a distance, it looked good. Stable and solid. Suspension seem to be taking the highway very well. I don't know if Honda had made improvement on the chassis but if they did, it will be a great improvement on the overall package.

But the price is on the high side. But I do wish the 125 version will roll out of the factory soon!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Not Many On The Road

It's been quite some time after launching of a few new model kapcai and scooter. But not many seen on the road, I mean these new kapcai.

GT128 - well I've seen a few but not that many.
CT110 - more of CT110 on the road conpared to others. This may due to a very reasonable price (<4K)
Wave 125 X Optimo - I've seen none on the road. May be too expensive
Shogun 125 SP / RR - once in a while. Surely Suzuki has not been very successful.
Symphony 250i - well, what would you expect from and 18k price. I've seen it only once on the highway.

The economy has not improve. People still having a hard time trying to balance their account every month. A few lucky one, still manage to posses their dream machine, but most of us will have to think many many time before deciding to get a new ride.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Honda Wave RS 110

It's in the showroom now. Honda is fighting back. Wave RS 110

I went for a spin on the bike. I am satisfied. A bit expensive but comes with a very good built quality.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Short Test Ride - GT128

I like the exhaust sound, very distinctive. The long stroke made the sound unique.

It was a very short test ride. Around 10km around Precinct 14 and 15 of Putrajaya. After 1st gear engaged, I gave it some throttle. Surprisingly, it was rather slow in acceleration. I prefer the Wave 125 launching. More energetic.

After reaching 100km/h, it feels better. But the small original tires were not very suitable for the rather 'big' kapcai. When you are in a corner, it feels like swaying to much. I think, if we fit a bigger rear tires, it could improve.

The engine was rather noisy. But I can live with it. 

What impressed me was the design. Personally I say it is perfect. I like it very much.